Core Values

Spiritual Growth

Harvest Academy Christian School will:

  1. Teach the Word of God as truth and apply Christian principles as the foundation for learning.
  2. Encourage students to respect and love God’s Word.
  3. Prepare students to fulfill the Great Commission.
  4. Integrate Christian faith into all academic disciplines.
  5. Foster emotional and physical well-being in a safe, loving, structured, and Godly environment.
  6. Give Godly character to our students.
  7. Help students to discern worldviews that are not based upon God’s Word.
  8. Encourage students to be servant-minded in heart and deed toward home, community, and church.
    1. Guide students in knowing, comprehending, and applying fundamental Christian principles and doctrines of faith in order to apply them to all of life’s decisions.
    2. Nurture the student’s relationship with God in such a way that they will know His will for their life.

Academic Growth

Harvest Academy Christian School will:

  1. Create in the student an awareness of God’s supreme authority over all creation.
  2. Provide a Christ-centered education.
  3. Provide students with high academic standards maintained through a challenging and accelerated curriculum.
  4. Teach students the fundamental processes in communicating: such as reading, writing, speaking, listening, and mathematics.
  5. Encourage an appreciation for the arts through Music, Art, and other talents and skills in this area.
  6. Motivate the student to identify and develop their own innate gifts and talents.
  7. Encourage and develop a work ethic mandated by God’s Word.