Children learn and develop naturally as they grow.  Their development is much richer and better rounded if their experiences are broad and they are exposed to tools of discovery.  Parents and adults interacting with children need to encourage, allow, and provide stimulating activities.  Teaching involves telling, showing, listening, observing, and enabling.  Learning takes place best in an environment that is safe, orderly, and caring.  Children learn by creating, testing, manipulating through trial and error, experiencing, asking questions, feeling, constructing, tasting, and smelling.  They learn through the processes of their everyday living if given the independence and motivation.  Children need to feel and learn that they are important, loved, and can be independent.  They must be treated as persons of worth at all times.  Children need positive reinforcement for tasks they have completed, for their accomplishments, and for their efforts.  Children must be given the opportunity to develop physically, emotionally, academically, and spiritually through a variety of activities and experiences.  They must learn to appreciate success and understand failure.  As adults, we must provide opportunities, direction, and encouragement which will enable our children to become productive citizens.  We believe in and will work to awaken the spiritual development of the child through sound Bible teaching.  Children will learn about God and His Son Jesus through major Bible stories from the Old and New Testament.  Memory verses, music, art, and other activities will help develop character based upon good moral principles.  These Bible truths and principles will help to build a solid foundation of Christian living for our children.